Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package from Surabaya Malang

Bromo ijen Tour Package, Malang, Ijen crater cheap price from Dimensi Tour and Travel for you want to go holiday.

Go to bromo for local tourist although foreign countries, we are ready make holiday time for you become very please and burn into.

Where ever your purpose at the east java,we are ready for accompany you and serve you.

We are very got of best of famous tour area at east java like Bromo mountain, ijen crater,Batu city, Malang, Baluran,and there are many purpose tour at the east java.

It’s can be holiday place with family although group. That is some program package tour Bromo Malang,Ijen crater, coming for you.

Choice Bromo Ijen Tour Package

Bromo Ijen Tour Package

Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package.

Testimoni Bromo DimensiThis package tour Bromo midnight very fast and not need many time. Correct for you who haven’t many time for holiday, just with one night. You are can go to Bromo mountain for sea the beautiful sunrise at the Bromo mountain,the pick up service at 11-12pm at the Surabaya,Malang,Batu city. Which has previously been determined together.

The pick up service can we do at the airport/station/station bus. After pick up, our group will accompany you go to Bromo mountain. After arrive at Bromo mountainexactly at the Cemoro Lawang,after that the participant go to climbing for enjoy the beautiful sunrise. Package holiday Bromo Midnight very cheap because not overnight at the hotel Bromo mountain.

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Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night

Testimoni Bromo DimensiPackage tour Bromo 2 days 1 night for you who want overnight at the hotel around Bromo mountain for about one night. The pick up service will do at the airport/station/station bus at the Surabaya/Malang/Batu city.

Place for overnight at the Bromo mountain very variation appropriate with what you want. Hotel at the Bromo very definite and full book, for that if you want get room,you must order package tour one mount before departure. There is a cheap hotel at the Bromo like homestay,losmen,or villa around Bromo mountain.

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Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package 3 Days 2 Night

Testimoni Bromo DimensiPackage tour Bromo Ijen Crater 3 days 2 night combination constitute tour the adventure will invite the participant for go to Bromo mountain do climbing for arrive at the Ijen Crater at the Ijen Mountain.

Located Ijen Crater at the border Banyuwangi and Bondowoso.

There are many devotee package Bromo Tour and Ijen Crater it’s foreign but now there are many tourist local want to go Ijen Crater.

You must prepare for climbing to Ijen Crater.

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Batu, Malang, Bromo Tour Package 3 days 2 night

Testimoni Bromo DimensiBromo, Malang, Batu Tour Package for 3 days 2 night is one of combination East Java.

Tour Package which is the most taken by tourist.

Bromo-Malang Batu Tour Package is a natural and unnatural tour packet combination.

Which accompany you to the popular tourism object such as Jawa Timur Park 2, Apple tour, Selecta, Coban Rondo waterfall and so many other tourism object.

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Mount Bromo Tour Package, Malang for 4 days 3 night

Testimoni Bromo DimensiBromo Malang Tour Package 4 days 3 night suitable for you who have enough time to go on vocation.

Using this tour package you will explore various tourism object in Malang and Batu until you feel satisfied.

Stay in a hotel located in Batu, Malang.

And then we will accompany you to explore in Mount Bromo and Taman Safari Prigen Pasuruan.

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Malang Bromo Ijen Tour Package 4 days 3 night

Testimoni Bromo DimensiBromo,Malang,Ijen Crater Tour Package 4 days 3 night it’s one of package tour at East Java. It’s so compelite, you can go around go to the famous tour at East Java.

Bromo ijen Tour Package.

Start tour from picking up the participant at the first place it’s at the Malang or Surabaya.

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Ranu Kumbolo Bromo Tour Package 3 days 2 night

Contact Bromo DimensiRanu Kumbolo tour Package special tour for you. Who have trekking hobi or climbing at the mountain after that go to “ Ranu Kumbolo “ the climbing needs time for about 4 hours and then we will see the beautiful place from Ranu Kumbolo lake.



Toure can be change if the participant want to change to get more information you can see at the our profile or our contact service at the via Email/Telephone/WhatsApp.

Mount Bromo Tour Package Price Update 2019.

Contact : +62812 3585 9199

For Midnight.

For personPrice for 1 person
6 PersonIDR 345.000
5 PersonIDR 430.000
4 PersonIDR 535.000
3 PersonIDR 766.000
2 PersonIDR 950.000


  • Private transport
  • Private Jeep 4wd (tour bromo 4 location)
  • Driver (speak English)
  • Fuel
  • Parking
  • Toll fee
  • Mineral water


  • The price could changes every time.
  • The price adjusts with the facilities.
  • Prices adjust to holiday dates.
  • Nothing in the description means not included.

For more information about the price of Bromo tour packages, please contact us.

The entrance fee to Mount Bromo.

Ticket Prices last updated on Tuesday, February 05, 2019

For foreign tourist.

WeekdayIDR 217.500
WeekendIDR 317.500
Peak SeasonIDR 317.500

For local tourist.

WeekdayIDR 27.500
WeekendIDR 32.500
Peak SeasonIDR 32.500

The entrance fee to Mount Semeru.

Ticket Prices last updated on Tuesday, February 05, 2019

For foreign tourist.

WeekdayIDR 207.500
WeekendIDR 307.500
Peak SeasonIDR 307.500

For local tourist.

WeekdayIDR 17.500
WeekendIDR 22.500
Peak SeasonIDR 22.500

Vehicle ticket price once entered.

4 Wheel VehiclesIDR 10.000
2 Wheel VehiclesIDR 5.000
BikeIDR 2.000
HorseIDR 1.500

This is a photo of the admission ticket price officially, using the Indonesian language.

The entrance fee to Mount Bromo

Policy: All prices are subject to change.

Our Service.

Our travel agent can reach most of the routes on the island of Java and Bali. And here are some of the routes we offer, you can also book with your own route.

  • Jogja – Bromo – Ijen – Bali
  • Surabaya – Bromo – Ijen
  • Bali – Ijen – Bromo – Jogja

Route from Jogja to the island of Bali is very skilled and professional.

Destination options.

  • DIY Yogyakarta
  • Magelang Tour
  • Solo Tour
  • Surabaya City
  • Malang City
  • Mount Bromo
  • Mount Ijen / Ijen Crater
  • Sukamade
  • Papuma beach
  • Semeru Trekking
  • and other.

For more places that are not yet available on this site you can ask our customer service. For more information about the routes we offer will be updated in the next article.

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